Do you depend on your car to get you to work on time? The battery in your car, SUV or truck is what powers every electrical component in a car. A dead car battery can make your morning drive to work very unpleasant. In order to make sure you aren’t waiting for a tow truck, you may want to think about the following questions.

1) How long does a car battery last?

A- The average is 3 to 5 years.

B- However, extreme cold and poor maintenance can shorten its life expectancy.

2) What are the warning signs of a failing battery?

A- When you turn the ignition key, the engine turns over slowly. This is more noticeable in cold temperatures.

B- When you turn the ignition key, you hear a clicking noise and the car does not start.

C -You notice that the vehicles headlights dim when your car is in idle and brighten when you rev the engine.

D- Your vehicle stops and will not turn over, it make a clicking noise when you try to start your car and or your lights and radio do not work.

3) Why won’t my car start if I have already replaced the cars battery?

A- Loose battery connection.

B- A burnt fuse frequently caused by a poorly executed use of battery jumper cables.

C- Replace the vehicles alternator.

D- Replace the vehicles starter.

E- Even if there is plenty of fuel in the tank, a failed fuel pump may prevent the fuel from a frozen fuel lines.

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